There are some culinary combinations in life that just can’t be turned down.

Firm strawberries and soft cream. Strong cheese and sweet grapes. Thick hummus and chunky carrot sticks. These are just a few of our favourite things.

Sometimes, though, even the most daring combinations – on first appearances at least – don’t seem appetising at all. Popcorn and melted butter, for example, turns out to be a pretty delicious snack.

And when it comes to weird and wonderful combinations, one in particular has recently got us all talking at Plyvine HQ.

It’s doughnuts and beer.

There’s no denying that, taken on their own, doughnuts and beer are amazing things.

But who in their right mind would even think combining them would be a good idea?

We don’t know – but we’re glad they did.

Though wildly different, doughnuts and beer is actually a bizarre combination that turns out delicious.

Because, of course, there are so many different types of delicious doughnuts, and probably even more beer flavours out there to go with them.

Powdered sugar and Pilsner? Boston cream with a Guinness? Oh, go on then.

Today’s infographic brought to you by VinePair.