A scone with your tea? A pink wafer in the afternoon? A Madeira with extra cream?

There’s nothing quite like indulging in a delicate, sweet masterpiece. Whether you share this moment of bliss with close friends and family, or if you instead relish such private moments to yourself – our love of cake continues to make up a significant proportion of our culture and custom.

Through the years, our nation has enjoyed some of the most unique and wonderful flavours tucked away in every spoonful. From the Victoria sponge to spice-infused delicacies like gingerbread cake, variations in flavour, texture, and appearance has given way to a diverse range of sweets.

Though we’re spoilt for choice in supermarkets today, one cake in particular has caught the lovebug of many cake-lovers. Recently, the lemon drizzle was voted as the nation’s favourite cake, with the chocolate fudge coming in close behind.

This brings us to our latest infographic for you today. At Plyvine, we absolutely adore our sweet, guilty pleasures. What’s life for if not to sit and experience the best flavours, even just for a moment?

We love our cakes so much we’ve decided to bring you our favourites all in one place!

Have a sweet tooth? Tuck into this infographic by FlokkCreative for a delicious guide to the best of British cakes.