There are just some things we can’t live without: cheese & grapes; chocolate; indulging in savoury delights. For many of us, it’s spicy food. Whether you’re more inclined to mild spice or an avid chilli connoisseur – food with a kick has been a staple in our diet for millennia.

But why do we love it so much? Well, you may be surprised to know that there could be biological necessities that explain why we are drawn so much to the hot stuff. Research has it that our early human ancestors maintained bacterial health through consuming spicy foods, solidifying its popularity throughout culinary history.

Have a look at this infographic by Good‘s for a hot take on spice.


Sri Racha is a chili sauce produced primarily from blended chilis, peppers, sugar, garlic, vinegar and salt. Originating from South-east Asia, the iconic green-bottled condiment has become synonymous with modern spice dishes around the world.

Being so versatile, the sauce is a great addition to your favourite foods.

Fancy having a go at making your own Sri Racha sauce? Here’s what you’ll need for a simple, great-tasting sauce:

Red Chilis (300g)

Red Peppers (200g)

Rice vinegar (2tbsp)

Sea salt flakes (2tsp)

Garlic (4 cloves)

Soft brown sugar (75g)


The method

  • Blend the chillies, peppers, sugar, salt and garlic in a food processor to a puree.
  • Place in a bowl and cover with clingfilm.
  • Leave at room temp to allow fermentation. Allow a couple of days for this. Ideally you are looking to see bubbles forming.
  • Leave for a further 3 days, occasionally stirring each day.


  • Whizz the sauce again until smooth.
  • Drain through a sieve to remove any seeds.
  • Pour into a pan and add rice vinegar.
  • Boil and bubble until your sauce thickens.
  • Leave and cool.