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A British Guide to Table Etiquette

Respectable table manners. It's what makes us British. Or is it? According to a survey, our much-loved, traditional British dining civilities are becoming something of an archaic notion.  In this shock of a survey, 1 in 5 young British adults under 30 have started to use the 'cut and switch' manoeuvre when eating. This alien, Americanised behaviour involves dropping the knife [...]

How to Pick Fresh, Ripe Fruits and Vegetables Every Single Time

When it comes to selecting fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables, we don't always know we're getting the best of the bunch. What we think will be tasty and fresh, can actually turn out to be disappointing when we get home. When we're racing around the supermarket, crossing off our shopping list, we often don't have the time - or knowledge - to [...]

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Conference Venue

Venues - they truly have the power to make or break an event. More often than not, when we remember events that were unpleasant experiences, the venue is quick to take at least some of the blame. Whether you are hosting a conference, delivering a keynote speech, or simply hiring a public space for any occasion, choosing a suitable venue for [...]

Why Is The Wedding Ring Worn on the Ring Finger?

It would take just over an age to come up with a list of wedding traditions that are celebrated around this diverse planet. Indeed, while weddings are a uniting force amongst lovers all over the world, the diversification of culture over millennia has given rise to wonderful traditions that differ just a bit to ours back home. In the Phillippines, skies are [...]

8 Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2019

Engagement Season in the UK is well under-way, and it’s estimated that there will have been over 100,000 engagements over the 2018 festive period alone. So, expect to see a shining array of engagement rings filling your social feeds, and invitations flying through your letterboxes! Weddings are always a massive social occasion for all involved, and fiances are looking for [...]


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