We know we need to drink it, but just how much is enough? The 8-glass-a-day mantra seems to have taken over our lives ever since childhood – but just how true is it?

Some say this much, others say that much. Whatever H2O camp you reside in, it’s important to drink plenty of water when you are thirsty, and to drink it regularly throughout the day, even if it’s just small sips. By keeping a healthy reserve of water in your body, every fibre and cell of your body will do what it does best – and thank you for it.

There are loads of reasons why water is good for you. We’ve gone all out and selected an infographic that gives you 7 of them (all scientific!)

Did you know water helps to calm us and helps us to remember? Or that there are many many many apps out there to help keep your thirst quenched?

So, if your mouth is feeling rather dry at this point, go and get a drink and read this infographic by PoundPlace to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.