For millennia, the human race has depended upon the natural benefits that our flora bring to our health and well-being. And not just by what they bring via photosynthesis.

Whether they’re used for medicinal purposes, food, or habitation, plants are amazing sustainers of life, and are some of the most well-known sources of valuable, abundant nutrition that come from the natural world.

With the processes of industrialisation came a revolution in food production, distribution, and eating habits, however. As a result, we’ve not had to depend on the natural world as much as we had to, and accessing food has become a lot more convenient.

For those of us lucky enough, we simply visit our nearest supermarket to purchase whatever foods we like – from every corner of the world. From bananas, pineapples, and oranges, right the way through to seeds, nuts, and coffee, globalisation has brought a wide variety of food to our cupboards that were once dreamt of.

With this, it’s sometimes easy to forget and appreciate the sources of the food we consume. It may even come as a surprise, as our latest infographic shows, to learn that many of our most favourite indulgences derive from plants growing in the earth.

Did you know that vanilla, for example, is extracted from beautiful orchids? Or that cinnamon is found within the inner-bark of special trees?

Trees and plants are the unsung hero of life’s favourite culinary choices. From plant to plate, this infographic by Alan’s Factory Outfit reveals our most favourite plant-based delights.