It’s that time of year again. The drinks are flowing, Mum’s Christmas Dinner is a hit yet again, and Nan is snoozing away in the recliner with her party hat barely hanging on.

We’ve waited all year for this moment. It’s the one opportunity we get for shameless indulgence.

Nobody bats an eyelid if you’ve just gone through that box of Celebrations. And does anyone really care if you fancy that last After-Eight? ‘Go on. It’s Christmas’, Granddad slurs, nursing his best sherry.

And then – the question everybody’s been waiting for:

‘Who’s for pudding?’

Chaos ensues.

Nan’s woken up.

The best cutlery is out.

It’s time for your Christmas Dessert.

We’ve all got our own preferences that make our post-feast dessert, well, ours. Whatever we look forward to, Christmas Desserts have become a staple part of our day.

Feast your eyes on our fab infographic to give you that added inspiration this festive season.