Thought you could get away from Brexit?

So did we.

The decision to leave the European Union in June 2016 was a huge one that sent shockwaves across the nation – and indeed the world.

It wasn’t the first Referendum that held significant implications, however. In 1973, Northern Ireland gave a massive 99% ‘Yes’ on being asked if they wanted to remain part of the UK.

Many of you may remember the 1975 Common Market Referendum, in which 66% of us voted to stay in the Common Market. That was the first ever UK-wide Referendum the country voted on. The vast majority of Referenda since have been focused on specific regions of the UK, and closely follow matters of devolution and parliamentary representation.

We all remember the 2014 Referendum on Scottish Independence, in which 55% of voters rejected Scottish independence, closely followed by a 45% Yes.

Whilst these Referenda transformed the political landscape of the UK – and will for some time to come – it is safe to say that the 2016 decision to leave the European Union has been one of the most significant decisions taken by this country. And discussions probably won’t go away for some time to come.

Whatever ‘camp’ you were seen to belong in, this nation has debated, argued, and discussed like never before.

As this Google Trends result for ‘Brexit’ demonstrates, it’s a term that continues to dominate the lives of Britons and EU Nationals the world over.



There’s quite a lot of uncertainty surrounding what happens next, as you will be aware. As there’s no precedent for Brexit, it’s not clear as to what exactly the best course of action is. No matter how many experts and political veterans talk on our screens and on our newspapers, nobody 100% knows what will happen.

Much of that uncertainty comes from questions of food shortages in particular. And whilst we’re pretty sure it won’t come to it – it’s hard not to ignore signs like the decision to open up a secret bunker underneath the MOD to deal with border disruption.

What foods are best for storing over long periods of time? And what canned goods can be kept?

We’ve created an infographic to share what foods you can store. But hopefully, you won’t have to.