When you’re busy, hungover, or feel like something fast, tasty, and easy – the microwave has always been there for us.

If you told someone back in the 1600s that you would have a metal container that heats up food, they would surely look at you in disbelief, to say the least.

The microwave, or ‘microwave oven’ to give it its proper name, first became a widespread household consumer product in the 1970s. They were patented way before then, but remained far too big – and expensive – for ordinary kitchens and homes.

Now, people in the UK are using them more than ever.

In fact, 93% of us. This is in comparison to 1994 when only around 67% of UK residents owned a microwave.

That’s a lot of quick, easy, and affordable meals.

But it’s also a lot of meals that are generally quite bad for us.

However convenient, microwave meals are notorious for their bad image.

‘Ready meals’, as they’re usually called, can be delicious – but they are not without their nutritional concerns.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. And at Plyvine, there’s nothing we love more than giving you small cooking tips to make you get the most out of your dish.

With the help of Fix, you can actually make your own ready meals that are far better for your health.

Tuck in.