You’ve read all about the world’s weirdest sandwich fillings.

Now it’s time for our favourites right here on UK soil.

For as long as bread has existed, you can bet that us humans have been coming up with all sorts of sandwich concoctions.

The sandwich as we know it in the West may have only really been around since 18th-century Europe.

We’ve all heard the famous story.

One John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, was playing cards with close acquaintances when he became hungry. Famously known for being an avid gambler, Montagu would rarely leave the table to eat or take up other business while playing.

Montagu, preferring something he could eat with his fingers, asked his servants to dish up salted beef placed between bread. Thus, ‘the sandwich’ came into existence.

Whilst this romantic take on a classic favourite lends itself to a good story, it nevertheless is up for debate.

The concept of using bread with other foods ‘sandwiched’ has long been around, too.

In fact, using bread to either scoop up food or hold an array of fillings can be dated to much older cultures around the world.

When it comes to food, the UK really can be tribalistic.

Just one mention of a scone or ‘bread cake’ is enough to fuel the flames of a heated debated bigger than Brexit.

We all have our preferences, and that comes down to what we put between our slices of bread, too.

Are you cheese and onion or more tuna mayo?

Take a look at our infographic for the UK’s favourite sandwich fillings!