The social media revolution has truly taken off in recent years.

Our lives have become dominated by devices, apps, and technology that allow us to experience another kind of reality.

Just one of those apps is Instagram.

And when it comes to documenting our daily lives, Instagram is hugely popular with foodies all around the globe.

Connecting with other fans of mealtimes, we’re able to snap, edit, and upload our culinary masterpieces – and then share them around the globe in an instant.

It’s not just in our homes where we like to do this either. Chances are, you – or someone in that room – have been in a restaurant and before you can even think about picking that fork up you just *need* to take a picture of it for Instagram.

Whilst you can play around with image-enhancing filters to make your meal look a little bit more appetising, some foods are more equal than others when it comes to Instagram.

Take a look at our latest infographic to see which ones are the favourites.