Plyvine has since it’s beginning in 1980 always provided a large amount of catering services in Worcester.

We have had a long association with a number of venues and clients in Worcester including The Guildhall. Our experienced team of qualified chefs and kitchen staff have been delivering excellent standards at our events and Plyvine come highly recommended from our previous clients.

We have experience working with a wide range of clients, whilst achieving an exceptional level of service. Whether you are organising a wedding, banquet, corporate event or a special family occasion you can be assured of a quality catering service.

Our accommodating approach to catering means we can deliver a truly bespoke experience to each and every one of our clients, whilst preparing and presenting a menu tailor-made to your needs and budget.

Caterers Worcester
Caterers Worcester

Wedding Caterers in Worcester

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and with this comes mountains of planning and stress for the bride and groom. But fear not, we are here to ensure one vital item on your ‘to do’ list is taken care of.

Thanks to our reputation for delivering excellent food for any occasion, our catering service has been the first port of call for many brides and grooms across the Worcestershire area and the rest of the West Midlands. We provide all crockery, cutlery, linen, staff and equipment and there are no hidden extras like some caterers in Worcestershire!.

Whether you wish to choose from one of our wedding packages or create your own menu, you can rest assured that we will deliver fabulous food made from the freshest ingredients. Please see our Weddings page for more information

Caterers at all types of Worcester Events..

Thanks to our fleet of custom-built mobile kitchens, we can cater to events of all sizes, whether they are situated in one of Worcesters premier venues or in the middle of the countryside. Our talented team have everything you need to deliver a fantastic menu that suits your party size and requirements.

Events Catered for include

For examples of some of our recent events have a look at our News page and Case studies page

As mentioned we are approved caterers at The Guildhall, Worcester so if you think this venue may suit your function please get in touch or have a look at their website for more information.

Worcestershire Event Catering Enquiries

Contact us today on 0800 731 6772 or contact us via our contact form to discuss any aspect of your upcoming Worcestershire event.

Caterers Worcester

Questions to ask a potential catering company in Worcester…

Naturally, this would be a good question to start with for any caterer. We recommend that you start with this, as it can make it easier for you to plan around the rest of the event. We recommend asking them if they’ll be taking on only your event that day, too; that can help you to get the right understanding of the protocol that they use.
When you’ve decided upon what you want in terms of style, such as a buffet or a meal setting, you can then request some suggestions for meals. This comes with pricing, so you can make sure that you have an understanding from a budgetary standpoint. As ever, you should be able to find some kind of happy medium, but it works as a fine starting point.
Obviously, it pays off if a caterer has used that venue in the past. They’ll know about the quality and quantity of the facilities, and what they’ll need to make their side of the event a success. Will it be prepared on-site or off-site, for example? Knowledge of the venue will help speed up the investigation and evaluation process.
It always helps to see if others are quite so complimentary of a caterer as they are of themselves. Ask for testimonials with some kind of proof, or even ask if you can speak directly to some previous clients. Find out what they know of the kind of event you are throwing, too: are they experienced enough?
Every event will always have guests with some particular dietary and lifestyle habits. To get the best catering experience for all, you need to hire a caterer who can assist with this. From nut allergies to gluten-free and dairy-free options right through to vegan and vegetarian options…what can they do for you?
Always find out where ingredients are sourced from first and foremost. It should be of the highest quality, and hopefully local. Is it organic and/or seasonal? Can it be proven and trusted to be more than a sales pitch? How good is the attention to detail they pay to every ingredient?
You might find that your venue comes without things like tableware and furniture. If that is the case, then find out if your caterer has the facility to do this for you. Some can, some cannot. They can often help with assembly and disassembly, too, so keep that in mind. Find out price and times.
It also pays to find out about the catering number to the volume of guests. Are you going to have to pay for a certain number of staff? What’s the cost per staff member? How do they dress for the event? How and when do they arrive? Who’s in charge? If it’s food delivery, when and where will it be dropped off?
Sometimes, a guest count can change rapidly in a few short hours. Other times, it will be set in stone for months and never budge. How willing are the caterers to budge on either shortfalls or excess numbers at short notice? How flexible can they be on an adjustment? If need be, what’s the cancelation policy?
Every caterer is different, but finding out their pricing, plans and modules will be very useful indeed. Work with them to find out how much you need to pay: how much is the deposit? What’s the full payment and when will it have to be paid off by? What payments methods are accepted?
Every caterer should, in theory, provide you with a signature dish or a specialty range to pick from. You should definitely explore these if offered, as they could change the whole menu offering at your event.
They should be able to deal with special and specific requests, if possible. You should ask if they can create, for example, gluten-free dishes or dishes that use a special, specific recipe.
Insurance matters a great deal, too. You should find out if the catering team that you will be working with has the right licensing and liability insurance, as well as Health and Safety certification.
It’s always good to just double-check with any caterer. Ask for proof of certification and proof that they pass all Health and Safety standards.
For some venues, you might just find that they have some very specific on-site accommodation: others might not. You should find out if the caterer can meet the venues special needs, and if they can cover this in a costed estimate for you to better understand the charges involved.
For one, you need to have one eye on gratuity costs as well as taxation. Rentals, too, will probably need to be priced up: things like tables, chairs and cutlery all come into this. Find out what they are looking for on top of the main fee for the catering. Find out what they do with tipping, too: most caterers have an in-house policy.
Find out what number of uniformed staff will be expected for your venue: a caterer should be able to give you a rough idea. Wait staff attire, too, should be discussed: how can they easily stand out from the guests?
Every caterer has their own pricing structure; some will use a flat fee, while others will look to charge on a per-food basis. Try and work out the pricing that they look for, and it should be easier to have a full evaluation of the costs you’ll have to pay.
It also helps to know how many events the caterer will be handling on your given day. The more events, the more stretched resources will be. Make sure that they have the kind of dedicated resources needed to handle your event without a hitch. Work this out first as it can be very important.
While it might cost you more, you should look to find out if they are able to accommodate specific vendor means instead. Make sure that your vendors get fed: find out if the catering team can factor in the vending staff to help make sure everyone gets a good quality meal at the event for best practice.
Lastly, try and find out the caterers’ policy on how they handle presentation. Some caterers go over the top, while some will be happy to stay in the functional range. Find out what their general plan and idea is for this, and it can make a big difference to arrangement and preparation