Plyvine caterers are experts in catering for all types of events  and weddings throughout Staffordshire.

Established over 40 years you can be sure your event or wedding catering is in safe hands. Thanks to our talented chefs, high quality ingredients and diverse range of menu options, you can enjoy a delicious selection of hot or cold foods.

Whether you are currently planning a wedding, christening, anniversary, birthday, corporate event or outdoor gathering, our catering and mobile bar service ensures you are covered whatever the occasion. Our range of menus also mean you are certain to find an option that suits your personal taste and budget.

We have over 40 years of experience within the events catering industry, and our reputation within Staffordshire and the surrounding areas ensures that by hiring us you can find a service that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Caterers in Staffordshire
Caterers Staffordshire

Catering options for your Staffordshire wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and ensuring that everything is perfect can take a lot of planning. With our wedding catering service however, great food is just a call away.

We provide a number of menu packages for weddings, but can suggest a bespoke menu that suits the style of your special day. We also offer all the little extras that make your menu perfect for you. Have a look at our Weddings page as well as our Recommendations page for more information on how we help make your day a day to remember.

A complete outside catering service

As caterers with a wealth of experience in Staffordshire, we certainly understand the demands of outdoor events of all sizes and types. Thanks to our professional catering equipment, expertly trained staff and fleet of custom built mobile kitchens we can provide an all-inclusive catering service wherever your outdoor event is being held.

In addition to this, we also provide a mobile bar service to make your wedding, reception, stag or hen do, birthday party, Christmas party, banquet or corporate event a day and night to remember. Our licensed mobile bars are available for all types of events and venues, and offer a full range of branded beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. We also provide glassware and all our bars are manned by a trained bar manager and experienced staff members.

Providing hot and cold menu options as well as mobile  bars we can make your Staffordshire event a success with the perfect spread and an all-encompassing service.

Catering at Staffordshire Venues

We cater at The Town Hall at Burton upon Trent for all kinds of events,it has an excellent function room (pictured).The venue is excellent for weddings, parties, balls, award dinners and banquets. As we are approved caterers also we can cater for all your food and beverage requirements. For details on booking contact our office or visit their website for more information.

One of the other Staffordshire venues we are approved caterers at is Stafford County Showground.

As well as hosting many shows and events including The  County Show they also have a lovely function suite available to hire. This is suitable for all types of events, banquets, dinners and weddings. Details of this function suite can be found on their website.

Enquire about your Staffordshire Event and Request Menus

Request a free quote today from our knowledgeable, friendly and reliable team. Call 0800 731 6772 or fill out our contact form for more details.

Questions to ask a potential catering company in Staffordshire…

This makes a fine opening gambit for the discussion with your caterer. Start off by asking them about the date and if they will be free, and if they will be taking on your event exclusively or otherwise. Basically, can they handle the work on the day, or will they be overstretched taking on multiple events that day?

Working out if you can afford the caterer is always useful. Start off by asking them for recommendations, depending on if you go for a classic meal or a buffet style. Request pricing, too. This can give you a rough calculation per head of the cost of the food for the event. This can make it easier to work out the next steps.

You should always look to find out if they know the venue. If they don’t, it’s best that they do so before the big day. The more a catering firm knows of the event, the better they can plan for the challenges ahead and prepare the required logistics.

Speak to any caterer about testimonials, and the best ones will be more than happy to oblige. Some will even help you by putting you into contact with previous customers. From how experienced they are in your event type to what people say through testimonies, you can find this really helps inform your decision.

While you might be impervious to allergies and deficiencies, others at the event won’t be. Ask any prospective caterer about their process for handing allergies, providing vegan and vegetarian options as well as their stance on gluten and dairy-free options. Do that, and you’ll ensure the catering is open to all at the event.

Quality costs, and you want to know that you are getting good value for money. Make sure that you can find out – with proof – where ingredients come from. Find out if they are to your standard and budget: are they local? Organic? Find out all that you can about their ingredients.

Another aspect of your event comes from somewhere for everyone to eat. If required, can your caterer help you source (and also set up) the furniture and tableware that you need? If so, please keep them in mind. They could be very useful for this particular purpose should it be needed.

When you throw an event, you’ll need have serving staff to handle the guests. How do you want them to be dressed? How many shall be provided? Who will be in charge of the day in terms of organizing staff? How will food arrive, be prepared and dropped off etc.? find out all you can on this very important part of the event.

Always find out everything from how they handle an excess to how the caterers would deal with less people turning than expected. How happy are they to be flexible if needed? Should things not work out, what do they provide in terms of cancelling the booking?

As ever, the more work that does into learning about payment, the better it is for all involved. Find out what the deposit is and when it has to be paid by. Also, speak to them about the payment dates, rates, deadlines and accepted forms of payment for easier management.

A caterer will often provide you with a specific or special dish. You should look to find out what kind of specific dishes they can provide you with. It might help you spice up the dishes on offer at your event with something different.

You might want to cut out the gluten on a certain meal, or have a special family recipe added to the menu. Find out if the caterer will be happy to try that out with you, if possible.

Never take health and safety for granted. Find out if they have the relevant licensing, insurance and protection to help make the evet as safe as possible.

Again, it’s good to just verify that they meet all professional Health & Safety standards. Verify this, as it’s a vital part of hiring a caterer with comfort and peace of mind.

Should the venue have a specific storage on-site area and a cooking location, you can find out if the catering team can work with it. If not, find out the costs and time involved for setup and preparation of the facilities they would need to work with your chosen venue.

Try and do all that you can to understand the full cost of the hiring. For example, some caterers will charge on-top of the catering for things like rental of furniture and cutlery. Work out what the full cost is, including their policy on things like tipping. This can make a huge difference to how the full pricing of your catering hire comes about.

You should also look to understand the number and uniform of staff. A caterer should be capable of giving you a good estimate of the staff numbers needed, and also let you know about how their staff dress so that they stand out.

Caterers will have in mind the kind of pricing platform that they use: is it a flat rate, or a per-person pricing platform? Work that out as it can play a big role in deciding what kind of caterer you choose in the long run.

You should find out if they are capable of handling the event, too. Discover if they have the manpower to handle your event alone, or if they will be taking it on with other events at the same time. The more that you can learn now, the better, as it will stop any resource issues developing pre-event.

If you can, make sure that you spend some time working with the caterer to handle vendor meals. While it might not be an immediate thought, it’s important that you look after all those involved at the event. Invest in vendor meals for the staff, and you can find it makes a big difference to the atmosphere of the event.

If you want to help get a more elaborate presentation style, then you should make sure the caterer can accommodate that kind of thinking. Always find out what kind of presentation they go for, and if they would be able to help out with a more specific or thematic style that you have in mind.