Outside Event Catering planning for 2015 is well underway!

After a very busy 2014 and a hectic run up to Christmas we usually use January and February
as ideal times to review operations and get planning for 2015. We currently have over 20 large
outdoor events in our portfolio all over the country.

The mix of these events includes Agricultural Shows, Flower Shows, Dog Shows, Trade Shows as well
as a Boast Show and a Sheepdog Trials. They are situated in Southampton, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire,
Devon, Wales, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire , Kent, Windsor, Richmond, Shrewsbury and the list goes on!

Many of these events have multiple outlets at their shows and may include public sales, bars, fast food as well as sponsors, judges and stewards, hospitality and VIP enclosures. All of this requires immaculate planning to ensure very event is a success. This can be planning of equipment, arranging accommodation, allocating equipment and vehicles and arranging for local suppliers or our suppliers to deliver to us out on location. Having been operating for 35 years we have a wealth of experience in these events and are constantly striving to improve. So fingers crossed for a busy and successful 2015 show season.