Some of life’s greatest pleasures are said to take time, and growing your own vegetables is just one of them.

And there’s something to enjoy along every step of the way, too.

From selecting your favourite seeds, to planting, watering, and watching them grow – there’s just something special about natural, home-made produce.

And, of course, the moment we all wait for – when we come to use them in our cooking.

Home-made vegetables contain their own Coca-Cola in a glass bottle tastes different mystique, too.

When we cook with ingredients we’ve grown ourself, not only does it taste amazing.

You also appreciate the food around us and the effort that goes into bringing food to plate -and then to hungry tummies.

But for many, growing vegetables at home is likely a new exercise.

And for this reason alone, it’s easy to feel a little anxious.

From looking out for garden pests to knowing the best sowing tips – growing vegetables isn’t exactly the most straightforward thing in the world.

But things are about to change, and it wouldn’t be a Plyvine blog post without a handy solution to your gardening woes.

With the help of this wee’s infographic, a whole new world of home-grown vegetables awaits you!

So, start your magical vegetable garden today with the helping (green) hand from Good To Be Home.