Respectable table manners. It’s what makes us British.

Or is it?

According to a survey, our much-loved, traditional British dining civilities are becoming something of an archaic notion.  In this shock of a survey, 1 in 5 young British adults under 30 have started to use the ‘cut and switch’ manoeuvre when eating. This alien, Americanised behaviour involves dropping the knife after cutting so that you can use the fork with the right hand when eating.

The more traditional, (c)onservative of those surveyed remain loyal to the age-old British norms, where you hold the fork in your left, and your knife in your right.

This could be down to our changing dining habits altogether in the household. Fewer people actually eat at dining tables these days, meaning the survival rates of traditional dining etiquette are rapidly depleting.

Fear not.

We’ve made an infographic to keep good old-fashioned dining etiquette alive. Get your Ps & Qs in order and have a read below.