Life’s for living.

And this goes for food just as much as anything else.

From mega monster breakfast challenges to bacon bun burgers – our love for food and adventure has us seeking the next big challenge.

For us, the best things about travelling are being able to see the best sights, meet diverse people, and take in new environments.

We’re forgetting one more thing – tasting the world’s best flavours.

Around the world, we’re lucky to be able to have such a diverse range of flavours, textures, and smells.

From Spanish paella to South American Arepas, Greek feta to Korean Ddukbokki – our world is full of the most unique food.

Look a little further though, and you’ll also find some of the most dangerous.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the most dangerous foods are indeed animals – Pufferfish and live Octopus for example. Indulge in these incorrectly and you’ll pay for it.

We can’t really blame animals for giving us deadly side effects when they’re being cooked up!

Other dangerous foods include Ackee, a Jamaican fruit with poisonous seeds, and raw Cassava.

Take a trip around the world and discover the most dangerous foods and drink you’ll want to give a second thought to.