The New Year presents to us the perfect opportunity to set some goals and objectives. For many of us, these could involve cleaner eating or simply trying out new, healthier meals.

If you’re seeking nutritious food with a boost, take a look at our infographic to give you a flavour of how you can transform your daily routine.

The plant-based diet revolution is growing by the day.

To take the British Dietetic Association’s definition, a plant-based diet is

“based on foods derived from plants, including vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits, with few or no animal products.”

There are many reasons why people choose plant-based diets over conventional meat-based ones. Whether people are looking for a more balanced, nutritional choice, or are concerned about their impact on the environment, a plant-based regime offers a multitude of health benefits.

Health professionals around the world inform us that opting for a greener snack can work wonders for your heart.

A study in the Netherlands assessing 6,000 people found that those who derived their protein mainly from plants compared to meat were at lower risk to developing coronary heart disease during their later years.

Indeed, demand for meat-free produce increased by a staggering 987% in 2017!

So could 2019 be the year you make the change? It certainly may not be easy being green at first – but the advantages are boundless.