When the warm weather rolls around, sometimes hosting a BBQ is the default answer.

If you live in the UK, you’ll know how lucky we are when we’re blessed with a few days of sun-kissed beauty. Life’s all about making the most of things – enjoying a grilled BBQ is a must if you are to make the most of good food, weather, and great company!

We’ve all got our own idea of what makes BBQs so great. And, over the years, you’ll have crafted your perfect BBQ – from the coal used right the way through to the perfect corn on the cob.

But when it comes to outdoor beverages, how do you prefer to compliment you and your guests’ palettes? Do you go for classic cold beers, or are you more bourbon? Each drink brings its own unique, flavoursome benefits that can slightly alter the tasting experience altogether.

Cold beers are a classic, reliable choice for any BBQ meal. Their hoppy, sharp textures go well with anything you decide to throw on the grill. Meanwhile, speciality bourbons will perform best when combined with dark, sauced meats.

There are loads of combinations you can enjoy with the right beverage. Take a look at our infographic to give you some hot inspiration for your next BBQ day!