What’s better than a wedding? The reception, undoubtedly.

Wedding receptions are renowned for bringing the party buzz to the couple’s big day.

From cheesy 90s numbers to your more formal dining experiences, wedding receptions cater to everyone’s tastes and are a fabulous way to sign off the day’s formalities.

Ask any guest and they’ll show you why receptions are so popular: music, speeches, and party games are just a few.

For others – and by others we mean the vast majority – the buffet tops the list.

Because who doesn’t love amazing food on amazing days like this? Buffets bring the best food has to offer. All in one one place.

Aside from boosting the night’s sociabilities, buffets are a far more efficient option to satisfy hungry guests.

We’ve dished up an amazing infographic to give you 5 reasons why your wedding needs a buffet.