The wedding dress has been chosen. The decor has finally been agreed upon (subject to last-minute changes, of course).

And you’ve even selected your priest despite continuing opposition from nan who, after the christening, isn’t on speaking terms with them anymore.

After frantically comparing and whittling down venues fighting for your money, you’re all set.

Now, the most important bit – the food.

Because we all know that the measure of any successful wedding comes down to the food. We don’t make the rules.

As wedding organisers are increasingly considering the ‘guest experience’, weddings are far more elaborate than they used to be. And a great way to put on a great show is to put on a great display of food.

Looking to put on a classic high-school prom vibe? Get popping with a popcorn station – a cheap and easy way to guarantee smiles. Want to whizz your guests off to the circus? Candy floss is always a crowd-pleaser.

Check out our infographic for more wedding station ideas you can incorporate for a next-level reception/after party.