All Fruits and Vegetables are made equal.

But that doesn’t mean we never encounter some of the more weird and wonderful of the bunch.

In an effort to reduce waste and costs, more and more supermarkets are selling wonky¬†vegetable ranges – including cucumbers, carrots, and strawberries. No doubt you’ve encountered – and felt a little bit sorry for – these amazing fruits and vegetables on your previous shopping trips.

With millions of tonnes of ‘undesirable’ food wasted before every dinnertime, the ‘wonky veg’ campaign is a refreshing effort by supermarket giants to show that wonky food is still tasty, worthy, and loveable!

But away from the more familiar produce on our plates, there’s a whole world of unknown fruits and vegetables that are consumed by millions every day.

You’ll most likely find these odd creations harvested in the warmer climates around the world – such as Brazil, Africa, and the US.

Are you familiar with the Durian? Durians are infamous in Asia for their foul odour and spiky skin. For those with adventurous tastebuds, they’ll be met with a creamy and custard-like fruit that some compare to bananas and vanilla.

The food world has some of the weirdest and wonderful shapes, sizes, and appearances on offer to us.

Can you spot that weird vegetable you saw last week in our infographic? Check it out for an amazing tour of the world’s weirdest fruit and veg.