Mouldy bread? A (not-so) fresh bunch of bananas? A slice of neglected cheesecake, perhaps?

If you think these smell bad, then you’re in for a surprise.

When food is good, it’s really good.

But when it’s a fermented Baltic sea herring, many would agree on its – peculiar – tastes and smells.

Baltic sea herrings are fermented in barrels for 6 (six!) months until they reach the fine stage of smelling absolutely rotten – a fine delicacy, you must agree.

If you’re not into fermented fish, why not give your tastebuds a treat with a gorgeous serving of Doenjang? This soybean paste is also fermented to emit strong ammonia odours. It’s a favourite in Korea and often used as a relish.

Honestly? Don’t knock them until you try them – but we’d rather you try them first.

Get your nose pegs ready and dive into our latest infographic on the 10 stinkiest foods in the world.