When it comes to salads, we don’t just want any salads.

We want salads full of creativity and flavour; salads that make you like salads.

Salads with vinaigrette.

Vinaigrette, as you may well know, is produced by mixing an oil with something acidic – like vinegar or even a squeeze of lime juice. You can even intensify the flavour by adding salt and/or herbs and spices. It’s really down to you.

Vinaigrettes can be used as marinades for a range of dishes, but you’ll most commonly find the mixtures as tasty salad dressings.

An easy assumption to make, when it comes to vinaigrettes at least, is that you can only get your hands on the best from supermarkets.

And you know us well by now. We don’t do shop-bought, additive-full ingredients. We’re all about home-cooked delights.

By making your own vinaigrette, not only can you be smug with the knowledge you’ve done something your yourself – you can tailor your mixture to suit your preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet vinaigrette, a sour vinaigrette, or a French vinaigrette – this infographic by CookSmarts has it all.

Tuck in.