Wine-tasting: perhaps it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking to expand your interests, meet new people, or socialise with peers. However, it’s becoming more and more popular amongst those looking to discover new tastes and people in exciting places.

More and more people are wanting to experience wine tasting. But we are not all familiar with the unwritten social codes.

  • Are you allowed to spit?
  • What if you don’t like the wine?
  • Are you allowed to talk?!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Cellars Wine Club have put a handy infographic together so that when you decide to go wine tasting, you can be a little bit more prepared before you go making all kinds of social faux-pas!

Once you’ve finished reading the infographic, browse some popular UK and European wine-tasting destinations for your next journey below.


Now that you’ve learnt more about wine-tasting etiquette, are you ready to fall in love with wine again?

Before you venture off to some of Europe’s exquisite wineries, you may be surprised to learn that the UK’s most popular cities are home to some reputable wine tasting events.


Wine Unearthed
IWC Wine Educator of the Year Winner

Ever since Victoria and Adrian Bucknall left their day jobs in 2003 to fulfil their passion for the grape, Wine Unearthed have been bringing beautiful wine to our palettes.

After travelling for 18 months, visiting some of the best wineries the world has to offer, Wine Unearthed has since become established as a reputable wine tasting provider.

Wine Unearthed provide insightful, entertaining, and knowledgeable experiences for you to enjoy. Whether you are looking to experience a day course, a corporate event, or a private wine tasting party, this is a great place for you to get started.

We’ve included places that are close to our operations – but do have a look elsewhere, too!


Northern Wine School

For £30pp, you can experience a wine and cheese tasting event at the Northern Wine School. As this is their most popular evening event, booking early is usually advised.

6 selected wines and a selection of artisan cheeses are combined to provide a unique combination for you to enjoy with friends, family, and new acquaintances.

If you are looking to take the next step and gain a recognised qualification, then the Northern Wine School is on hand to provide you with the right tutorship.

Their WSET Academy Programme, directed by John Callow DipWSET, is a fully credited program offering examination courses on wine tasting.


Notts Derby Wine School
2015 Riedel WSET Educator of the Year

Notts Derby Wine School offers wine tasting and courses in a local, independent environment across Nottingham and Derbyshire. If you are looking for something more informal and relaxed, this is worth a visit.

They also offer a range of WSET Wine Courses for you to choose from, where you can become a fully credited student of wine tasting.

Select from various corporate, private, and group events. Their wine courses and evening tastings are open to all experiences and focus on providing educational wine tasting sessions in a relaxed and friendly setting.



Established in 2004 by enthusiastic wine lovers, GrapeEscapes are a small bunch of grape lovers who specialise in providing tailor-made trips to Europe’s best wine regions.

Whether you are looking to celebrate a birthday in the Italian countryside or immerse yourself in group tours in the regions of Champagne and Bourdeaux, GrapeEscapes bring with them swathes of travelling experience and wine tasting knowledge.

Take a look at their website to learn more and meet the team.

Fete Des Vendanges De Montmare (Grape Harvest Festival), Montmartre, Paris
Learn more at

Alongside its gorgeous religious structures, Montmartre has its reputation rooted in vines. More than 40 bars and restaurants will be available during the free festival for you to experience new gastronomical pleasures.

There won’t just be wine, however! This festival caters for anyone who enjoys artisanal products, talks, exhibitions, and dances.

Italian Wine Tours

Allow Nello Cipriano – geologist, traveller, and wine lover – to guide you through the rolling vines of Italy. Combining environmental history, geology, and wine tasting, the services offered by Cipriano are truly unique.

From 2001, Nello Cipriano established Italian Wine Tours with the mission to provide tailor-made wine experiences for guests whose itinerary hardly meet standard criteria.

Combining tastes, textures, food, history, and the land in which beautiful vines are grown, these tours are multi-sensorial.

Hand-crafted tours are available for you to soak up the delights in places (not limited to) such as Florence, Verona, Tuscany, Puglia, and Piedmont.

Get started | Choosing a wine

Now that you’ve read the infographic and had a taste of where wine tasting can take you, why not try a few of these wines below for you to get started?


Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir is a very popular choice and great for wine tasting beginners. It’s smooth and fruity, and packed full of flavour. It’s no surprise it’s a go-to red for winemakers.
Available in all major supermarkets

Syrah (Shiraz)
This wine originates from dark-skinned grapes and is full-bodied. Expect high tannins, high acidity, and notes of dark chocolate.
Available in all major supermarkets

Exceptional Nebbiolo is rarely found far from its homeland in Italy. However, reputed winemakers all over the world are enthusiastic about its flavours.

One of the most striking features of this wine is its aroma; on the palette, expect high acidity.
Available in all major supermarkets


Originating in the Rhine region, this wine boasts strong, flowery aromas and high acidity. Try it with fish or pork.

Expect a full-bodied wine, with natural aromas. Pair with spicy food.

Sauvignon Blanc
Always a classic, this wine originates from the Bordeaux region of France. Expect high acidity and natural aromas of grass, peppers and tropical fruit.

We hope you have enjoyed reading today’s infographic on wine tasting. We all have different preferences and palettes to go with them; that’s why wine tasting can be fun and exciting.  Once you have decided which wine to taste, practice etiquette with friends or family!