You know all about the 15 things worth knowing about coffee. You know all about the best coffee recipes for those cold winter nights. And you even know the 7 steps to the perfect cup of coffee.

As you can see, we’re a pretty big fan of coffee – we run on the stuff.

And we’re not alone, either. Every day, around 2 billion cups of coffee are gulped around the world.

Here in the UK, we’re drinking 95 million cups of the dark stuff.

Sure, it may not be as much as tea (165 million cups a day), but we are a nation of good coffee, creating around 210,000 jobs as we slurp our way through the coveted caffeine.

Talking about caffeine, coffee does some pretty interesting stuff to our bodies.

Not long after knocking back an espresso shot or sipping a frothy cappucino (before 11am, of course), the caffeine makes its way through our bloodstream. Our blood pressure and heart rate increases, and it’s here when we feel revved up and ready to go.

Around 20 minutes or so, our brain is feeling its best – cognitive abilities at this stage are said to be at their best.

Up to 6 hours after, we experience reduced levels of anxiety and inhibitions – thanks to increased levels of dopamine.

Generally, after 12 hours, we’re back to our usual selves.

Until we pour another.

Infographic by MapCoffee