Weddings are magical events that celebrate the value of love. Religious or not, they recognise and appreciate the bond that exists between individuals – and their shared commitment to each other.

These historic ceremonies have been celebrated by cultures all over the world for thousands of years, and can manifest in so many different ways. For traditional, contemporary western ceremonies, they typically involve an ordained priest presiding over two individuals in a Church. To symbolise the eternal commitment shared between bride and groom, a wedding band (or ring) is placed on the fourth finger of the left-hand.

In more recent times, wedding ceremonies have come to include a much more informal, relaxed celebration of the couple, away from a religious setting. Function, reception, ‘do’, after-party. However you name them – they’ve become an equally significant component of the wedding ceremony itself.

And it’s no surprise. What more could you want other than great-tasting food, flowing drink, and music? It’s where family and friends join together after the ceremony to celebrate the love of the bridge and groom – and is a fabulous send-off for the romantic couple about to begin their next chapter in life.

It’s also where the speeches happen.

Wedding speeches are all about toasting the bride, groom, and family of those involved. And they’re also about celebrating the sentimental value of what just happened in the church or registry office. And we all know that the best man’s speech is probably one the most anticipated moment of the whole wedding itself.

But what makes a great wedding speech so great? For everyone here at Plyvine Catering, wedding speeches should  fulfil three major requirements:

  • Celebrate the couple
  • Express gratitude towards everyone for coming
  • Be sentimental, humorous, and loving


Of course, there are so many more tips and ideas that could be handy for a wedding that’s just around the corner. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. This infographic by Wedding Forward has got everything you need to make your speech a memorable one.