When it comes to cooking the most delicious meals for yourself, your friends, or your family, you just can’t beat the natural stuff.

Cooking with natural, home-grown herbs means you’re getting all of the good stuff straight from the pot. And because you won’t have to dry them, you’ll get even more out of their flavour.

For many of us, starting our own ‘herb garden’ at home just hasn’t quite stayed in our minds long enough to try it. Whilst you can enjoy your herb garden all-year round, there’s no time like the present thanks to the warm and dry weather gracing our lives.

And you won’t need much, either. Just a few clay pots, a sunlit space, and some decent soil. (And your herbs, of course!) Then, when you’re up and running, you’ll love waking up to check the progress of your herbs – and they’ll add beautiful aromas to your kitchen or living space.

From strong basil to sweet tarragon, growing your own herb garden is quick, easy, and cheaper than you think. And the great thing about having your own little herb garden in your kitchen is you’ll only be a small pick away from adding new sensations to your meals.

Ready to get started? Get those green thumbs ready with the help from Desima.