Food, glorious food.

A diet full of the good stuff – fibre, whole-grain, and fruits just to name a few – can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

We all know healthy food is good for you – but it can be tasking locating and incorporating these foods into our diets and meals on a regular basis.

There are loads of beneficial minerals and antioxidants that the body extracts from particular fruit and vegetables when they are digested. For example, did you know that a balanced intake of pumpkin and winter squash can reduce the risk of heart disease? Or that blueberries are natural clot-fighters?

Clearly, the body benefits from a wide range of fruit and vegetables that are great for our immune systems. However, knowing what we can get from where is another story.

Until now.

There’s actually a handy way to compartmentalise healthy food based on colour and what they each bring to the table (and your stomach).

Take a look at this amazing infographic by Rockwell Nutrition to reveal the true colours of nutritious food.