Chink chink!

There’s a lot more to a glass of your favourite tipple than what’s swirling inside.

Sometimes, the key to loving our drinks actually boils down to presentation, aroma, and temperature.

These 3 variables have a huge influence on pouring the perfect drink. And just one way to make them a success is by having the right glassware.

Sure, you might be well accustomed to pouring your strawberry daiquiri in that hurricane glass that’s kept in the ‘best’ cupboard. Sounds harmless, right? Encounter any mixologist on your weekend away with your mates, though, and you’ll be lectured on more than your choice of post-night out food.

Glassware does more than contain the liquid. When you eye up that champagne at the wedding reception, the mojito at the bar, or your grandad’s matured whiskey – there’s a reason they’re housed in unique glass.

What glassware does is influence the nature of the alcohol inside. Champagne flutes, for example, have a narrow top to preserve carbonation. Whiskey glasses, on the other hand, are wide at the top to release aromas into the nose when tipped back.

If you truly do like Pina Colada, make sure to keep it in a hurricane glass. The generous size allows for tropical fruits that can be displayed elegantly thanks to the curved base.

If you’re looking to host your own cocktail party, or always wondered about how glassware brings out the best flavours, you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s sparkling infographic comes from Fairmont to give you the ultimate guide to choosing the right glassware.