Behind every great dish is the oil that made it happen.

No, seriously. When you use oil, do you ever stop to appreciate how important it is in making your dish go farther and your tastebuds happier?

Admittedly, there’s loads of stigma around oil. And to a certain extent, it isn’t unfounded. The stuff we give our bodies matters – and this goes for oil as it does for sugar and other fats.

It isn’t all bad news, though. Whether oils are beneficial to our health all fries down to their contents: what fatty acids they contain, the plants they’re derived from, and how they are ultimately processed before they reach our shelves.

Rising in popularity as a substitute for butter and lard, vegetable oil has seen huge increases in rates of consumption around the world – owing to their heart-healthy reputation.

When it comes to cooking with oil, we have many choices to make – and it really comes down to what you want your oil to achieve with your dish.

Almond oil, for example, will lose flavour if used when cooking. If used as a finishing oil, on the other hand, your dish will be infused with a gorgeous aroma you won’t turn down.

Now we’re cooking. Find out more from this infographic by Sweet DIY Hacks.