Ice lollies – they’re probably the UK’s favourite summer friend. When the sky is clear, the grass is green, and you’re soaking up the sun with great company – there’s nothing better than treating your tastebuds to an ice-cold solero.

Or are you more of a crunchy magnum with their snapping outer coating?

From multi-coloured fabs to eye-catching twisters, there are loads of ice lollies to choose from. And whether you’re indulging in the park, or relaxing in your garden – the perfect time for an ice lolly is whenever you want it to be.

Ice pop. Ice lolly. Lolly ice. Popsicle. The concept of frozen fruit on a stick has been with us since the late 19th century. It wasn’t until the early 20th century, however, when our most common perception of ice lollies was popularised.

Leaving a glass of powdered lemonade and water on his porch overnight with a stick in the middle, one Francis Epperson claimed to have invented the treat in 1905 – aged 11.

Now, there are an array of flavours to choose from, and our decision-making time at the freezer has never been harder!

But when it comes down to it – what is the nation’s favourite ice lolly?

Check out our infographic to find out!