Are you more carrot cake or Eton mess? Bakewell tart or lemon drizzle?

Most of us like a treat or two every now and again. The trouble is, there are so many delicious moment-on-the-lips teasing us out there at the moment.

You certainly won’t be surprised to learn that the UK is a lover of cakes and desserts. In fact, spending on chilled cakes in the UK rose by £160 million from 2007 to 2017!

Whilst the UK can’t seem to agree on most things at the moment, we do have something of a consensus when it comes to confectionaries. In 2018, the lemon drizzle was voted the nation’s favourite cake, with 40% voting in favour of the zesty delight.

Whether we love to indulge at special occasions or the odd Sunday with a brew, all things sweet and wonderful are what gets our tastebuds excited.

Our fascination with French fancies and springy sponges continues to be a defining feature of British identity; we relish the sight of a sweet dessert after our meals no matter how guilty we may feel afterwards.

What else tickles our fancy? Tuck into our tasty infographic to find out the UK’s most loved cakes and desserts.