Biscuits have become one of our nation’s favourite moment on the lips.

Whether we have ours with our evening brew or just fancy a snap of heaven after work, biscuits are always there for us when we need something simple and delicious.

And, because they’re so versatile, our supermarket shelves have become full of amazing biscuits with different textures, tastes, and smells.

If we’re after something chocolatey, we can always rely on a bourbon, or a classic chocolate digestive. But if you’re not so much of a choccy-holic, your heart might belong to the famous hobnob, or the delight that is the shortbread – a national favourite come Christmas.

Biscuits have the amazing power to spark up national conversation, too. ‘Are you more jammy dodger or ginger nut’ will undoubtedly be taking place in offices, building sites, and public spaces around the UK as we speak.

And that leads us onto today’s infographic for our lovely followers: what is the UK’s favourite biscuit in 2019?

We might not agree on much these days, but our country has spoken.

Tuck into this infographic – and mind the crumbs – from CDA to find out the UK’s favourite biscuit!