Pimm’s – that Great British past-time that tops off every event.

The gin-based fruit drink has its glorious roots in 1823, with a Mr John Pimm, a farmer’s son, who owned an oyster bar near The Bank of England.

Developing a concoction of herbs and liqueur, John Pimm served his guests this ‘No.1’ cup to aid digestion.

Popularity soon spread, however, and the rest is history.

In the majority of supermarkets today you’ll see many variations and imitations of the real ‘No.1’ beverage. Such is the widespread appeal of the fruity tipple that this country has come to know and love.

And whilst sometimes nothing beats the original, there’s nothing better than adding your own signature finish.

With your own homemade Pimm’s, you make it how you want.

And Pimm’s o’clock is whenever you want it to be.

Step into life with this perfect Pimm’s recipe from the Old English Company!