We’re a country made up of different cultures, beliefs, and culinary preferences – it’s what makes us so unique, diverse, and attractive for newcomers and natives alike.

Though we’re a lover of all kinds of food and drink, one particular beverage unites us all.

Hoppy, sweet, and aromatic.

You guessed it – beer.

We like beer. But just how much do we like it?

Well, according to Drinkaware, 11.4 litres of alcohol (per capita!) is swigged down every year. Whilst this is on the slowdown compared to previous years, it’s a big difference from Italy’s 7.4 litres.

Alcohol is to our culture what Monty Python is to comedy, and man do we love a tipple.

But have you ever thought about the long history of beer – how it used to be made, and where it comes from?

Take a look at this infographic by Brewdog.

Chink chink!