As many of you will already know, for weddings to be a success they need to be planned for.

And that could mean planning months – possibly a few years – in advance.

Planning for the big day sometimes just can’t be left to professional wedding planners, either. Your wedding budget might not stretch that far, for instance, or you just might not have found the right one who shares your vision.

When this happens, the wedding planning inevitably lands at your feet, and it’s time for your inner project manager to reveal itself.

Aside from the usual huge task of coordinating the day’s events, there’s one particularly important component of a successful wedding that makes it so successful.

And that’s the wedding menu.

At Plyvine Catering, we know a thing or two about wedding catering – we know how crucial they are in taking a good day and turning it into a brilliant one.

For your wedding menu to go down well with your guests, you have a few things to think about.

Feast your eyes on our latest infographic f0r the top five steps to planning your wedding menu.