Selected thoughtfully, fresh herbs can transform a good dish into an amazing one.

Come to think of it, most amazing dishes are amazing, in part, because of their natural ingredients. And fresh herbs have a huge part to play.

Whether it’s crisp thyme on a succulent steak or fresh basil in pesto, herbs bring a versatility all too lacking in other ingredients.

And the best part about herbs? You can grow them yourself in your garden or in a nearby plot – there really isn’t anything like using home-grown ingredients!

Our much-loved dishes become classic favourites when they’re accompanied by our garden’s best gift – the herb – so it’s no wonder we love them so much.

Herbs have the amazing ability to gently change a whole dish. By using their unmissable aromas and flavours, we’re able to subtly change our dishes to our liking.

Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to know the best pairings out there.

We hope you’ve got a little thyme on your hands, though. This amazing guide from Personal Creations will help you get the most out of your herbs.