‘How do you have it?’

That’s the question on everybody’s lips when it comes to indulging in one of Britain’s favourite dishes – the steak.

Steaks bask in culinary fame owing to their consistency, versatility, flavour, and appearance. Tucked away in their own section on restaurant menus, they’re often the first to be eyed up.

You might see them as spongy bases of medium-rare favourites; a solid slab for no-nonsense well-doners; or oozing with blood from the centre for those who live on the edge. And all this whilst enveloped in a charred outer-coat, topped off with peppercorn sauce and a sprinkle of thyme.

When it comes to steak, of course, you enter into a world dominated by cut, flavour, texture, and appearance.

Sirloin, for example, is one of the most popular cuts of steak thanks to its tenderness and fat. T-Bones, on the other hand, are renowned for their inclusion of both sirloin and fillet.

So, whether you’re about to cook your cut at home or try a new steak restaurant, it’s always handy to know the different types of steaks out there.

Our latest infographic is oozing with flavour and is a handy guide to knowing your steaks.

Tuck in!