If you’ve been to your fair share of weddings over the years, you might be familiar with what’s called a wedding registry.

A wedding registry – or a bridal registry – is typically a list of gifts that a newly wedded couple formulate to show their preferences for guests who wish to purchase a gift.

As if your presence wasn’t enough – now you need to bring along kettles, microwaves, and a dishwasher to the ceremony.

Come to think of it – it does make things a lot easier. If you’re ever invited to a wedding, immediately underneath ‘what shall I wear’ is always ‘what’s an appropriate gift?’

And we all know how difficult gift-giving becomes when you know somebody, but you don’t know know them.

These days, registry lists are often provided free of charge by retailers to the bride and groom.

From this list, guests can select items that the couple have wished for; when that item has been purchased, it simply disappears from the list.

In the old days, newlyweds would move into a new home after tying the knot. Registering for home utilities – like microwaves and cutlery – was an efficient way of furnishing the home.

With the majority of couples now sharing their living spaces before they get married – wedding registry lists are becoming more varied – and a bit weird.

From putting towards honeymoons to thermometers – we’ve found this ingenious registry list by Wedding Forward to help make your upcoming wedding a little more special.