The 10 Best-Selling Cocktails In The World

The 10 Best-Selling Cocktails In The World

Is there anything more refreshing, juicy, and delicious than a fruity cocktail (or mocktail!)?

Whether you’re more Cosmopolitan or wouldn’t turn down a Pornstar martini – the world of cocktails is a diverse one, with loads of combinations to treat your tastebuds.

The whole idea of a cocktail (alcoholic mixed drink with fruits) has been with us for some time. The established origins of the famous drink, though, remain murky at best.

But, to this day, cocktail sales continue to soar.

And if any of this is to go by, cocktails are here to stay.

And while you’ll come across an ever-changing cocktail landscape, it’s always the classic flavours that trump the rest.

From Moscow Mules to Daquiris, today’s infographic takes a look at the 10 best-sellers.


(Pss! Scroll below the infographic for a simple Cosmopolitan cocktail)


Easy Cosmopolitan Recipe

What you’ll need:

45ml lemon vodka

10ml lime juice

30ml cranberry juice


For some garnish, try some orange zest or place a lime wedge on the rim of the glass.



Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into your cocktail glass.

Making the garnish

Hover a round piece of orange zest (3cm) about 10cm above your cocktail.

With caution, slowly wave it over a flame.

Next, bend the outer edge of the orange zest towards the flame, releasing the oils.

Drop the zest into your drink.


(BBC Good Food)




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