A sailor went to sea how best to cook his fish.

Seafood is just one of those foods that get our taste buds going. Whether you’re into salmon, muscles, prawns, or any other type – you just know you’re in for a delicious, fresh treat. And it’s such a versatile, tangible ingredient that works well with a lot of side dishes and flavours.

But there are so many ways to cook fish, from steaming, poaching, to roasting. And then there’s the fact that different varieties of fish might demand a different style of cooking. How do I retain the full flavour of this fish? I hear you ask.

For many of us, fish cuisine is often seen as a little bit more complex than your average chicken breast or steak fillet. And with this presumption, it’s natural to believe the cooking styles have to be fancy, too.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way – and you don’t need to be the next Joël Robuchon, either. This infographic by Fix is here to help prevent those sea-legs when it comes to cooking fish. And what’s more, the following non-fry methods below are so much healthier for you whilst still retaining the same great taste.