Crock pot – colloquially speaking, slow cookers – are cooking appliances commonly found in kitchens up and down the UK. They’re usually placed on the counter next to the oven or microwave.

Slow cookers do what they say on the tin. They cook food slowly.  Like, really slowly.

Boiling, frying, and baking are all well and good. But when you want that extra tenderness, slow cooking is the way to go.

Slow cookers aren’t just great for taste, though; they’re conveniently brilliant.

Let’s face it, we’re leading busy lives, and we don’t always have as much mealtime prep as we’d like. By leaving ingredients in the pot to cook throughout the day, slow cookers offer us the chance to come home to our meals cooked for us.

If you’re making the transition from oven to slow cooker, though, you might be feeling a bit worse for wear with the time conversions.

That’s why we’re bringing this handy infographic by SuperHealthyCooking to help you along the way.