When it comes to organising an event in the summer in Shropshire.

At Plyvine Catering, we offer an effective and professional form of outdoor event and show catering in Shropshire.

With years of experience and knowhow, we can offer you help with any kind of outdoor event catering. Some of the kind of events that we take part in for outdoor catering include:

  • Agricultural Shows
  • Championship Dog Shows
  • Trade Shows
  • Flower Shows
  • Horse Shows
  • Car Shows
  • Boat Shows

Thanks to this, then, you can make sure that you are offering all of your guests the best option for high-end dining . We pride ourselves on offering a level of consistency in our cooking that can be made to tailor with any kind of requirement. If you are looking for a company that knows what it is doing when it comes to outdoor cooking, then, come and speak to us today. We can arrange a consultation to make sure you have all the information and advice needed to make sure that every guest can enjoy a much more holistic and engaging meal together.

Outdoor Event & Show Catering Shropshire
Outdoor Event & Show Catering Shropshire

Outdoor Event and Show Catering in Shropshire

Our team brings more than two decades of expertise, passion and quality to the table with experience of catering for all types of event catering including members catering, bars, public catering as well as VIP and hospitality catering.

If you would like more information on setting up the perfect experience for all, then please come and speak to us. We can work with you to find the perfect settlement to ensure that you can have an easier time of it. Catering need not be challenging or an excessive incident, so get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you can get to enjoy a far more progressive experience.

With our knowhow and passion for the job, we’ll ensure every guest to your event has fun!