Fifty or more years ago, it would have been relatively difficult to get your hands on the world’s finest spices in your local shop. If you could find any on the shelf, they would most likely set you back a few pennies.

With globalisation, supermarket competition, and new consumer tastes – getting your hands on the world’s best ingredients has become easier than ever.

Designers over at London-based KitStone studied the world’s most loved cuisines and discovered the three most common ingredients that combine to make them so special.

With a few sprinkles of delicious spices here and there, your home-grown dish can take you anywhere around the world. Now, our mealtime repertoire boasts both the best of British as well as tastes from around the world.

Got some leftover garlic cloves and olive oil? With a few squeezes of lemon juice, you’ll be well on your way to producing a delicious Lebanese dish. Or, if you’re looking to put on a showstopping Italian for your friends, adding tomatoes and fresh parsley will do the trick with your fresh pasta.

Tasting the best cuisine the world has to offer doesn’t have to be painstaking. All you need are a few spices and a sprinkle of gastronomic ingenuity. Here’s a guide from Kitstone to help turn your basic dishes into crowdpleasers.