The key to a good, refreshing morning? A mug of coffee or two.

The key to a kickstarting, fire-breathing morning, full of productivity and energy? Great coffee.

And, let’s be honest here; you won’t get great coffee from average, cheap, medium-roasted beans.

Good quality, great-tasting coffee is made from good quality, great-tasting espresso.

And in our busy lives, espresso drinks keep us going. With over 95 million cups of coffee consumed here in the UK alone, coffee has become a de facto staple drink.

To truly appreciate espresso, though, we need to take a whistle-stop tour to its land of origin: Italy.

Espresso – roughly translated to ‘pressed out’ –  is, obviously, coffee as we know it. Espresso is served by forcing small amounts of nearly boiling under intense pressure through grounded coffee – the powdery stuff.

If you take a trip to Italy, you’ll appreciate just how loved espresso is – no matter the time of day.

And if you’re on the go, a simple shot of espresso is enough to set you up for your day. As you know, however, espresso also lends itself to a variety of drinks when combined with milk in different ways.

Whether you’re into Macchiatos or classic Americanos, the simple espresso method can steam up a wide combination of coffee beverages.

Here are 22 of the most popular espresso drink recipes you need to know, steamed and served in an infographic by Vinepair.

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