No matter how hard we try, we’re all guilty of wasting food at some point when we’re either making our meals or just after we’ve consumed them. The truth is, it does more damage than we think.

In the UK alone, almost 15 million tonnes of food waste is generated each year.

That being said, supermarkets are beginning to take the initiative and holding more responsibility for the impact wasted food causes to the environment.

Tesco, Britain’s most popular, has started to remove ‘Best Before’ dates on a range of fruit and vegetable packaging.

But the fight for a cleaner environment also needs to start at home, too, in our own kitchens.

A pressing concern is that when we think we can’t possibly preserve and prolong food, we actually can. There are many steps we can all take to extend the shelf life of our food. And whilst this will help to save the environment, it’ll also save us a bit of money, too.

This infographic by PoundsToPocket has all the tips you need.