You’ve heard it all before: the key to a healthy, happy life is eating well.

And though it may seem like a straightforward task, for many of us it’s often harder than we first envisioned.

One of the things dieticians, scientists, and GPs emphasise when it comes to maintaining a good diet is Vitamin in-take.

In fact, our NHS states vitamins are crucial nutrients our bodies need to function properly.

But knowing exactly what vitamins to take is a task in itself. Do we need Vitamin B with every morning yawn? And how do we access the best value-for-money Vitamin capsules?

And for those who struggle with pills or unable to take them at all – getting hold of vital vitamins becomes even harder, nevermind a health issue.

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting the right vitamins every day, though, is by simply eating the right foods. Without the need to rely on those pills that you literally can’t stomach, you can make your food go further.

Sourcing vitamins from nutrients can do you a world of good. Not only will your body absorb nutrients far better from food than capsules – you’ll even get to expand your culinary scrapbook and try new foods you might not have tried before!

So, just where can you find those all-important vitamins in food?

We’re glad you asked.

With the help of Pampered Chef, you can learn more about how each vitamin helps your body – and where to find them.