Wedding venues – they really can be the difference between a nice wedding and a wonderful one.

And there’s no such thing as overstating the importance of wedding venues.

Your wedding venue is where you and your guests come together to share in your moment. It’s where conversations overspill into the wine glasses. Wedding venues are where you enter as individuals and leave as a wedded couple.

In fact, we could go on all day about how important they are.

But as wedding caterers, we know it’s all about getting it done. And we know you’ve been up all night thinking about how you could possibly choose your wedding venue.

From budget to personality – and making sure Gran can cope with the stairs – we know choosing your wedding venue is no easy task.

But before you go scribbling in your diary a couple of days dedicated to choosing candles (yes, this is a thing), you’ll need to confront some of the biggest questions in your life.

Where do you want your wedding venue to be? How many guests can you plan for?

Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to a modest 15 venues or so (!), it’s time to take a few visits.

This is where ‘the feeling’ is so important – and you’ll only know when you know.


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