Apart from being wonderful celebrations, weddings are huge logistical operations. If you’ve got married yourself, or know someone who has, you’ll agree that the planning required to put on a good show can be exhausting.

Planning for amazing weddings often begins many months in advance, with the afterparty taking centre stage for many brides and grooms.

Because, let’s be honest, wedding receptions are hotly anticipated events.

And that’s because of the euphoric feel-good vibes they bring. When we remember weddings, it’s often the reception we first think of.

So, what does it take for receptions to be a success? For many successful wedding receptions, the catering takes top priority for organisers.

And that, of course, means supplying your guests with wine.

But how much wine should you buy, what kinds of wine, and should you be seen dead with a glass of red?

We’ve got it all covered in our latest infographic!